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About Hendrik Beikirch

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Hendrik Beikirch (b. 1974) is a German painter. He is especially well-known for his series of large monochromic wall paintings which often show portraits of older people, visibly marked by life. In order to create these works Beikirch secretly took sketches of strangers who he encountered on his travels and who he noticed for their certain aura and expression between hope and struggle. This is also the title of his on-going series “faces of hope and struggle” and runs seamlessly on the canvases of Beikirch, which provide the same mostly frontal view of unfamiliar people. He deliberately shuts himself off from the polished and artificial aesthetic of advertising, which has now occupied a large place in public space.

Beikirch always works with a reduced color palettes, and therefore the high recognition factor ensures that you now can easily find walls by him all over Europe, Canada, the USA, Mexico, Chile, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Russia and other countries, which the unrestrainted and highly efficent artist painted in the last 15 years.

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